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           Policy of state payment for moving expenses of transferred employees.

           A mileage reimbursement for state employee traveling expenses.

           Contributions by the state to employee health insurance premiums.

           Establishment of a short vesting period (4 years) for the retirement plan.



           WPEA added Grievance Representation to its service offerings.

           Developed a Political Action Committee (WPEA-PAC).

           Helped negotiate changes in State Personnel Rules.



           State employees won an 11.5% increase in wages.

           Increase in per diem reimbursement.

           Increase in mileage reimbursement.



           Helped negotiate salary increases:  a total of 47.5% increase occurred over the period.

           Dental insurance program added to state employee benefits package.

           State health insurance contribution rose from $30/Month to $110/Month.

           1984 once again played an active role in negotiating changes in State Personnel Rules.



           Defeated a bid to eliminate longevity pay.

           Defeated a bid to reduce the state insurance contribution.

           Defeated a bid to expand the Governor’s furlough authority.

           Won early retirement for state employees.

           Won job sharing.

           Helped pass Cost of Living Adjustment legislation.



           100% paid retirement for employees.



           Defeated incumbents threatening employee benefits in bid for reelection to legislative seats.




           Passed across-the-board salary increase of $130.65

           Passed an increase in retirement cost of living adjustment to 3% plus changes in the multiplier to 2.125% and 2.25%.



           Successful in electing 3 state officials that were endorsed and supported by WPEA-PAC. 



           Passed 85% paid single or family health insurance.



           3% External Cost Adjustment (ECA) for all employees on July 1, 2004.

           $4.7 million market adjustments to positions not at 90% of entry target hiring rate.

           $1.5 million for LPNs and Nurses 3, 4, 5.

           Funding for $40 Longevity for every 5 years of time in service.

           85% funded state health insurance maintained despite rising premiums.



           State contribution to health insurance premiums continue at 85%.

           3.5% External Cost Adjustment for all employees on July 1, 2005.

           Longevity pay is funded at $40 through June 30, 2006.

           Study of funding options for retiree health insurance and associated costs.

           17% raise for Laramie County School District #1 classified employees.      



           $41 Million appropriated to the 3.5% External Cost Adjustment

           $8 Million Appropriated for employee salaries and benefits as follows:

         $4 Million – jobs agency does not have adequate funds-attract/retain

o       $4 Million to “address existing market inequities.”

           $50,000 to Management Council – study “retired state health insurance.”

         $40 Longevity pay funded through June 30, 2006.

           85/15 Health Insurance Coverage

o       $498.84 for single coverage

o       $1,210.86 for employee plus family

           14.29% raise for School District #1 classified employees and the maintenance of previous contribution levels for health and retirement.

           Vision Service Plan (VSP) Eye Insurance offered to WPEA members.



           $4.0 Million allocated not to exceed 2% External Cost Adjustment (5.5%)

           $3.3 Million appropriated – retired state worker health insurance as follows:

o       Pre-Medicare $11.50 per month for each year of service (30 years)

o       Post-Medicare $5.75 per month for each year of service (30 years)

           6-months Health Insurance coverage for dependents of state worker killed or passed                   away while employed.

           Rehire retired workers if agency pays full retirement costs to system

           Licensure/Certification included in PDQ with Board consultation & input

           Purchase of service credit for retiring employees – modifies calculations; removes amount limitation.



           4% External Cost Adjustment for each year of biennium

           $6 Million 2007-2008 market pay adjustments/inequities compensation carry-over for distribution

           Longevity remains at $40 per each five years of service

           State Contributions to health insurance:

o       Dec. 1, 2008 – Nov. 30, 2009:  Single $561.80 per month; Employee +1 $1,112.79; Family $1,479.54

o       Dec. 1, 2009 – Nov. 30, 2010:  Single $652.29 per month; Employee + 1 $1,294.16; Family $1,479.54

           $6.7 million for retirees health insurance for period July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2010

           Retiree health insurance benefit account – state agencies, UW, judicial and community colleges pay 1% of employee salaries into account to fund future retirements – does not                     affect ECA benefits

           4.3% ECA block grant allocation to schools; affects K – 12 school employees



           4% External Cost Adjustment; blocked 3rd reading amendment to eliminate ECA for 2nd year of biennium

           Longevity changed in statute to reflect $40 per each five years of service

           3.7% ECA block grant allocation to schools; affects K – 12 school employees



           Retirement contribution paid by employer increased from 11.25% to 12.69% for both state & school workers to stabilize retirement corpus; workers contribute 1.43%.  State worker pay system implemented March 1st; includes performance bonus.

            Kept school health insurance matching ability at 92% employer/8% employee.


  • $7.1M for a 91% market Adjustment.


  • Defeated Legislation that tried to change the Retirement System defind benefit plan to a 401K

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