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Legislative Update

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Legislative Alert!

Vote NO on any amendments to Section 304 of the Budget Bill.

Please contact your legislators to vote NO on any changes to the existing language of section 304. Current proposed amendments will dramatically increase the cost of health insurance for our members. Call now!

SF-0001 and HB-0001, these are the general appropriations for each chamber. There are numbered sections that run into the 400's for each section of State government. Section 304 deals with health insurance for state employees and retirees.

There are at least three proposed amendments on the House side, and we expect nearly identical amendments on the Senate side, that would increase cost for employees or retirees.

One increases the cost of premiums by about 20% for the employee and their family. The second moves the cost split from 85-15% to 80-20% shifting costs to the employee and their families. The third amendment puts higher costs on retirees.

These amendments can come up on the second or third reading ... During the week of Feb. 19th we are safe saying to simply oppose any amendment to section 304.

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